Hello, nice to meet you.

I’m a Michigan-bred, Los Angeles-based photographer, creator, artist, explorer, outdoor enthusiast, spicy food eater, wine “connoisseur”, and occasional sumo wrestler (please see my other website for more info on that).

If I’m not behind a lens, I'm out wandering this majestic planet we call home, discovering new people and walks of life outside of my own backyard. My sense of adventure has always fueled my artistic endeavors. I believe the minute a creator stops taking risks she deprives her soul the nourishment needed to aspire and inspire. That's the kind of magic* that makes the world go round. 

still curious? stalk me on instagram @rebeccapimm

Want to know more? Have an idea in mind but not sure how to execute it? Wondering about pricing? Ask me anything! 

*Let's make magic. Get in touch here

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